The Ceremony of yagé is a precious gift of “Our Creator’s Multicolored People” who taught this tradition in order to help people obtain a proper understanding and auspicious energetic and spiritual alignment with the energy of a heavenly way. The perspective it grants becomes a most precious vantage point, one that guides each individual from within, without fail, and for the rest of one’s life. It is like the rudder on a boat crossing turbulent waters an unfailing guide to the golden shores.

This tradition offers the well-earned perspective that sees everything as energy. The rudder of understanding and the fresh new perspective obtained through this tradition won’t allow one to go astray any longer. Even though it might be radically different than the way you once saw the world, once this view is obtained it becomes the sweetest celestial nectar. Despite the difficulties of daily life, we see how blessed we are; we live with gratitude and in service. We live in an absolute manner. We move forward now in a new way, with an ever-fresh perspective that sees everything as always new, sees the illusory divisions of separation as the obstacle, and shows us how to navigate in this new perspective too! The shattered fragments of one’s past are flung away as one sees they were merely simple energy filaments–scratches on the record, so to speak–their purpose now fulfilled. They are no longer part of one’s newly restored being.

This and so much more the ancestral rainforest plant medicines can do. It is imperative to adhere to this “dieta” to prepare oneself to become a vessel to awaken this unified perspective inherent within. Through this one’s focus becomes concentrated and true, piercing like a magnified ray of light, captured by the precise angle of the sunlight passing through the magnifying glass. This ray of light becomes so piercing that it is capable of igniting a fire. Which fire are we igniting? We are igniting the true flame of spiritual development.

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