The Yagé Drinker


Applying the indigenous scientific method of the Secoya ancestors, with their highly sophisticated way of interpreting and relating to the world, adepts of the Yagé tradition may receive the ability to heal illnesses, gaining both spirit helpers and a clear understanding of how to  alleviate suffering, achieve balance, and improve their quality of life. This includes complex and seemingly incurable cases that involve intertwined physical, emotional, mental,
and energetic blockages.

The Yage Uncucu, or Yage Drinkers, over years of diligent practice, self-development, numerous challenges, and a lifelong devotion to study, may acquire many levels of graduation with an established master.

The Secoya peoples’ rich ceremonial curriculum was woven into their traditional way of life wherein each individual strove to prove and embody the truth and  the cosmology of the ancient spiritual science, with their entire lifestyle revolving around this. They repeatedly delve into this mystery, and strive to recognize unchanging truths within ever-changing realities, such as the eternal existence of the legions of celestial beings and divine immortals, referred to as Wiñapai. This knowledge was imparted to them through direct encounters with celestial immortals, such as the Secoya encounter with God’s Multicolored People, who delivered the first yagé vines and taught this plant medicine tradition.

Download a PDF of The Yagé Drinker – Autobiography of a Secoya Shaman