To provide an opportunity for renewal of body, mind and spirit; through rainforest plant medicine traditions that act as a catalyst for auspicious transformation and tangible human progress.

To Experience the prehistoric origins and vital importance of ‘Plant Medicine Traditions’ from the Upper Amazon as taught and lived by the Secoya elders for centuries.

To make known the holistic, indigenous ceremonial science of “God’s Multicolored People” (translation of “Secoya”), under the tutelage of skilled Secoya wisdom keepers, the traditional elders, accomplished “torch bearers” and adepts of this sacred spiritual culture.

To experience tropical biodiversity in a remote rainforest wilderness and beach setting where birds, plants and wildlife abound, sing and play.

To welcome endless possibilities while changing the outer world from within.

To meet mindful fellow travelers from our global community. To provide the opportunity to inspire quantum beneficial  changes in oneself, community and the planet whilst becoming an agent of change.

To take an intrepid inward journey and give provide the opportunity to shift fear into curiosity.

◊ To feel mindfulness and magic and magnify one’s sense of wonderment.

To experience re-setting your mind.

To cease all expectations.

To expand one’s guts and grace.

To become a better friend to oneself