Jediah Fox

Jediah Fox discovered yoga at the tender age of 21 while traveling in India. Thirty-two years later, she is still a
dedicated student and teacher of the Yoga Arts. Through her years traveling the world, Jed has amassed a wealth of knowledge from all traditions culminating in this rich tapestry of “True Nature” teachings.

Jed has practiced and studied with some of the best teachers in the world, his classes combine the lineages of Ashtanga yoga, classical Hatha, Vinyasa flow with Kundalini kriyas, to offer a powerful union of traditional yoga woven into a beautiful philosophy and framed in the traditions of the medicine wheel and the 7 sacred directions.

Jediah completed 4 years of Metzliyoliliztli Moon Dance in Costa Rica. She is also a skilled body worker and practitioner of clear breathing. In 2021 she became a mindfulness teacher and continues to offer courses to help embody this mystery and magical design we call life.

Originally from the UK, Jed offers retreats, classes and workshops in the UK and Europe, you can find a little more information on his website.