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August 16~26: (11 days) Ecuador

August 16 @ 12:00 am - August 26 @ 12:00 am

$2000 – $2700

About this trip

Join us for a jungle adventure at our wilderness camp in the upper Ecuadorian Amazon, where we embark on a mystical journey to the Pusuno River, nestled at the base of the holy mountain Napo-Galeras. This expedition is tailored for the fit and adventurous, involving a two-day hike with packs to reach our destination. The Pusuno River, depicted in the photos, is a breathtaking emerald green rainforest paradise valley, historically visited by pilgrims for prayer and ceremonial rainforest medicine rituals. Situated on the equator, this isolated limestone massif brims with endemic plants, promising a truly unique experience.


Sign on before June 15th for an Early Bird Discount:

Returning participants: $2,200. Early Bird: $2,000
First time participants: $2,700. Early Bird: $2,500

Min participants: 4 Max participants: 9

At the Heart of Botanical Diversity

Located at the heart of Botanical Diversity, our retreats are accessed after a 4-hour drive from Quito to where the trail head begins. We hike for several hours to a Kichwa family homestead where we camp for the night. The following day we hike about 8-10 hours to the magnificent Pusuno River, the “River of Bubbles.” Within this Indigenous-owned and stewarded rainforest sanctuary, discover sacred sites like caves, waterfalls, and crystal-clear creeks amidst lush tropical plants. The area is considered to be, based on botanical inventories, to be the epicenter for botanical diversity. A visit here will leave any plant enthusiast with a much deeper perspective on the this most wondrous subject of mega biological diversity.

Guided by

Jonathon Miller Weisberger: Ethnobotanist, Rainforest Guide and Author of Rainforest Medicine – Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon. Is on board as the retreat facilitator as well as coordinator. His presence brings this to a whole another level, to open up a broader vision of life and the rainforest. 

Benjamin Mamallacta Alvarado: Kichwa educator, Ethnobotanist and seed conservationist, is on board as your rainforest guide, ornithologist and storyteller. Benjamin is ancestral steward of Pusuno River, (full day trek from the camp well be visiting at Urku Mayan). Benjamin and his family offer the Ungi ethnobotanical nursery in Tena, where they produce thousands of heirloom fruit, nut and ethnobotanical wonders. 

Walter Grefa Chongo: Kichwa chef and rainforest guide from inner Archidona. Walter will be our chef and companion on the journey. He is also a remarkable jungle guide, story teller, body painter an ally on these wilderness sojourns. 

Ceremonial Itinerary

With the sunrise renewals were we vomit at 4 am using alkaline rich rainforest medicinal emetics to leave each cell in ones body renewed. Then with two transformative all-night healing ceremonies, we delve deep into the realms of the soul, emerging renewed on every possible level. The quiescent stillness and quietude of this wilderness glade is the perfect setting to go as deep as you can imagine. 

Dieta protocol required

To prepare your body and mind for this sacred journey, we provide a comprehensive Dieta Protocol, guiding you through the necessary steps for eligibility to join our retreat. The Dieta Protocol is there to orient you in the basic precepts that guide one to more efficaciously embrace the magic of this extraordinary experience. Click Here to read the Rainforest Medicine Dieta Protocol, acceptance of which will be required for participation

To Learn more about my work in the region read: 

Conservation Adventures at the Epicenter of Botanical Diversity…



Napo-Galeras National Park
Napo Province, Upper Amazon Ecuador


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