Event Details



  • 3 Sunrise Renewals beginning 3:00 in the morning on Days 2, 3 & 4
    Note: The wellness & vitality enhancing effects of sunrise renewals balance the body’s pH and are crucial to any healing or detoxification program & for preventing disease. In today’s modern society, most people are acidic as a result of diet, sedentary (or overactive) lifestyles, stress, pollution, and the accumulation of chemical and heavy metal toxins.
  • 3 traditional Shamanic Healing Meditations on Nights 5, 7 & 9
    This time-tested millenary tradition from the Siekopai People of the Amazon, for personal and planetary re-birth, uses well-prepared, highly refined plant medicine to promote spiritual & physical renewal, allowing one to move closer to spiritual understanding, personal growth, vitality, wellness and renewal, in quantum leaps!
  • 10 nights / 11 days lodging
  • On non-fasting days, three wholesome daily meals with vegetarian options. Guayusa tea, herbal teas from the garden, homegrown cacao and organic coffee, and real butter.
  • Clean bed linens and towels for showering. Important: We ask that our towels not go onto the beach, therefore please bring a beach towel or sarong.
  • Group round-trip Osa Peninsula transfer means: Palmar Norte to the river Town of Sierpe by land; boat from Sierpe to Playa San Josecito or Drake Bay land from airstrip to Drake Bay beach by boat.

What to expect

  • Experience the prehistoric origins of Plant Medicine Traditions from the Ecuadorian Amazon as taught and lived by the Siekopai elders for centuries.
  • Welcome the past, present and future importance of Indigenous Plant Medicines and its healers and gardeners.
  • Appreciate the connection and relationship of plant medicines with the ancient traditions of Tao.
  • Connect the magnitude of these two Indigenous Spiritual Sciences and aspects that nourish renewal and wellness in our personal life, our community life, and the life of our environment, locally and globally.
  • Enjoy arts and crafts sessions and Siekopai-style face painting with homemade aromatic face paints.
  • Explore indigenous worldview through Origin mythologies, and fireside storytelling and listen to rare recordings of master healing chants.
  • Discover tropical nature and rainforest ecology on observation walks and or treks into the nearby rainforest, where plants, birds and animals abound!
    Meet and learn about prominent plant allies on guided in-depth ethnobotanical plant walks.
  • Connect the magnitude of ancient Spiritual Sciences and the aspects that nourish renewal and wellness in our personal life, our community life, and the life of our environment, locally and globally, through evening talks and group dialogues.
  • Circle together to hear each others journeys from the night before.
    Learn basic aspects of ancient world traditions from east and west and discover their similarities as well as practicality to assist people in improving the quality of their lives in these modern times
  • Swim, snorkel, surf a sparkling Pacific Ocean, just a 3 min. stroll through our ethnobotanical gardens; enjoy a hammock siesta in front of the beach; or a Whale and Dolphin tour, scuba or snorkeling at Caño Island Oceanic reserve; enjoy waterfalls.
  • Benefit from the Wellness Modalities with holistic wellness practitioners during the Gathering.