The Secoya

The Secoya, or as they are called among themselves: the Siekopai, are a truly authentic, millenary Amazonian society, whose name means “God’s Multicolored People”.


The elders of this culture embody a tradition of immense spiritual magnitude. As the modern era rips apart the seams of ancient human fabric, the way of life of the Secoya, a heritage of humanity, remains an ever effective time-tested medical system of universal significance.

The spiritual and ceremonial science these elders joyfully transmit is one of the great wisdom traditions of Gaia, and its importance is just beginning to be understood. Rekindling our memory of the most ancient prophecies of universal oneness, it is a wonderful tool for us to use to improve every aspect of our lives and find joy and peace. It is a way of life that brings all subtly together back onto the one great path of universal wholehearted living, the one that walks alongside everything and everyone together towards an integral salvation for all species alike.

Sadly, geopolitical borders, the encroachment and harassment of the petroleum companies, and the devastating impact of colonization now imperil the culture and ancestral lands of the Secoya. Despite these changes, this society still lives with grace, devotion, natural presence, and are happy and willing to share their wisdom with those who come with sincere hearts.

The noble Secoya elders were raised in the wilderness, living traditional ways
of life that include copious ceremonial meditations. They share visions and sacred designs too spectacular to be acquired in any other way, other than by sitting with them through the timelessness of the cool nights of yagé. Indelible to their way of being is this “great spirit, bedecked in designs, aromatic, beaded and leafy”, acquired while fasting with their maestros in their rainforest motherland. Their presence represents both the sacred gift and the serious joke that is life, and a whole lot of fun! Seeing them offers an ever-pertinent perspective of navigation for these tumultuous times. They are traditional Secoya elders, torchbearers of a millenary spiritual tradition, who will be the ceremonial guides during the councils.