Andrea Deanne - Yoga & Massage

Andrea Deanne


Andrea has been teaching yoga since 2014, when she opened a yoga co-op on the small island of Utila, Honduras.  She has since taught in retreat settings in Belize, Sri Lanka, and her home base of Maui, and has spent two seasons in India and Nepal going further into the philosophy and deeper aspects of the Yogic path. Andrea offers a welcoming mindful practice that integrates breath and movement, brings awareness to alignment, and the invitation to listen to your own body, guiding you through poses designed to allow opening, increased strength, balance and inner calmness. With a background in Hatha and Vinyasa, Andrea is a strong proponent in sharing that yoga is more than just asanas (the physical practice), and all classes include breath work (pranayama), meditation, and a taste of yoga philosophy in addition to the physical postures. Her classes are catered to individual needs and abilities- and she can easily adapt the practice for each person regardless of age, experience or physical capabilities.


Andrea began her massage therapy path in Maui, entering the field as a way to help heal her own disc injuries, to compliment her learnings and work with the yogic path, and to further connect in with the body’s innate ability to heal.  She has experienced firsthand the effect that massage therapy can have on reducing the pain we physically and emotionally carry, allowing us to move with more purpose, ease, and fullness in the world.  Having worked in some of the higher end hotels in Maui, she is grateful to be offering massage therapy in a more personal setting here at the lodge. Andrea is a proponent of creating a space where the body and mind can truly enter deep fields of relaxation, as this is where the body can heal.  Using a slow intuitive approach, she takes the time to truly listen to the tissues as she tunes into the synergy with each receiver.  Incorporating elements of Swedish, Therapeutic, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, she personalizes the session to your and your body’s needs, whether that is full body relaxation or taking more of a therapeutic approach for areas on which to focus in deeper. Andrea will work with you to help bring your body back to a state of wholeness, openness, and alignment. The aim of her treatments is to create expansion, release blockages, allow the body to let go of tensions or restrictions, and to allow the nervous system comes back to a state of balance. Massage rates are $60 for 75 minutes.