Alyce Walters ~ Reiki Master, breathwork facilitator, CMT, herbalist

Alyce Walters is a highly skilled practitioner with a diverse background in healing arts. As a Reiki Master, breathwork facilitator, CMT, herbalist, and magic mushroom facilitator and enthusiast, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice. With over 15 years of growing and working with Entheogenic mushrooms, Alyce has developed a deep understanding of their therapeutic potential.

Alyce’s passion for exploring indigenous medicines has led her to travel frequently to Costa Rica, where she engages in transformative experiences with medicines like ayahuasca, sanunga, and hapè. Her purpose is to bring back the wisdom and insights gained from these experiences and share them with others, guiding them towards their own transformational journeys in the jungle.

In addition to her healing work, Alyce is a devoted mother to three beautiful boys, further enriching her life and deepening her understanding of the importance of holistic well-being.