Journey to Siekopai Territory, August 5 – 18, 2017

Council for Cultural & Biological Diversity

August 5 – 18, 2017 (13 nights / 14 days)

A grassroots, camping, wilderness,
profoundly joyous life experience
for 16 travelers / journey

To receive a direct experience with Prehistoric Amazonian Medicine & her Indigenous Culture

For Personal, Community and Planetary Healing

To strengthen and renew the body,
mind and heart with endless possibilities
to change the outer world from within

* * * *

Come in solidarity
beholding the majesty of primary Rainforest
on the banks of the Aguarico River in the
Upper Ecuadorian Amazon
with elders and youth –
forest masters, traditional healers, visionaries, ethnobotanists, and tropical biologists.

We intend this event to be an unforgettable experience
with unforgettable people that in some way
will nourish, enrich and strengthen the root of your life.

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